Winter is now out in the corner and there is nothing you would rather do for the rest of the months than to sleep through the winter. Sit by the space heater or the fire, read your favorite book or perhaps watch football. You might want to take the winter off in terms of maintaining your landscape. Unfortunately, some tasks should be done during winter to make things easier during springtime. The following are some winter maintaining tips for your landscape to guarantee healthy plants and green grass next year: 

Add some mulch 

To help control water loss and erosion, you can add a layer of mulch all over the shrubs, trees, and plants. By doing so, it can give your landscape additional winter protection and it can also help keep up a constant temperature in the soil all over the roots of these plants. When you do not have a lot of leaves on the lawn, you could utilize your mower to mulch what is there, which provides your grass a great nutrient source. 

Cleaning your yard 

Maintaining the cleanliness of your lawn is a critical factor when it comes to taking care of your lawn during winter. If you have not done it, remove any toys, tools, debris and rake the leaves from your lawn. Once you leave your kid’s toys or a pile of leaves to sit around during winter, it could possibly stop new growth, or worse, it could kill the grass below.  

Securing young trees 

You can prevent wandering animals from chewing on the bark of your young trees during winter if you wrap around their base with wire mesh.  

Pruning your plants 

The best time to prune your plants in late winter. The moment you prune your plants, you have basically opened a wound that requires to heal. If you prune just before the start of spring growth, you are minimizing the plant’s stress, which makes it simpler for it to heal. 

Restricting your lawn 

It may be challenging to lessen your lawn’s foot traffic during summertime. However, once the winter approaches, it is usually simpler to walk across the grass compared to using the sidewalk.  

Minimizing foot traffic is part of winter lawn care. This indicates that you need to stop people from cutting across your grass. Once you walk a path across it, there’s a tendency that your lawn will have a difficulty to recover during springtime. Hence, you need to keep your pathways or sideways clear and off-limits so that people will not be drawn to walk on your grass. Moreover, attempt to keep them from parking your lawn.  


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